Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little friends in Florida

The hot weather continues in Florida. Our average temperature must be around 95 degrees this week. So we're been in our swim suits (or in Chloe's case, birthday suit). Our utilities bill spiked to $200.00, a record high. Our AC runs miserably, so it's time to get a new one.

Coral has been playing with a neighbor girl, she is almost 4 years old. This companionship has been good for both Coral and I. Since she's been out of preschool, it's been hard to get things done. Coral is.... to say it nicely... needy. We have also made friends with a family a few houses down, she has a girl who has just turned 2.

This is a picture of Coral and these two girls live on either side of us. Bryan said they ran around and played for 2 hours.

Chloe is just the happiest little baby. She definetly does not like barking dogs. We were visiting the animal shelter the other day, and she got very upset with all of the barking. She also cries when the neighbors dogs bark at us.
Have I mentioned that Coral likes to carry Chloe around the house? She just doesn't understand, "don't drop". Coral is really enjoying having Chloe, and tonight she wanted to read her Big Sister Book. When I was pregnant, we read her that story every day for a month straight!

The other day her friend asked her, "why is your baby crying?" Coral looked at her and said.. "because she's just a baby". It was so cute, kinda like... duh!

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  1. You all are having way too much fun!

    Those girls are way cute!