Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This post is still under construction.

Chloe is trying new foods

Very slowly, Chloe will be introduced to new foods. Her first food was a very mashed up bananna. She was not too thrilled. Her second food was soupy mashed avecado. This was more to her liking. But her third food has been her favorite.... it is our homemade soup. You can see my lunch, on the right, and Chloe's on the left. Chloe was able to taste corn, carrots, basil, garlic, lentils, green onions, chicken stock, and BBQ sauce. (Yes, BBQ sauce is the secret ingredients to our soups). This pureed combination was delightful for her, and she actually ate the entire bowl.

Here's her bananna attempt

And, of course, we need mommy/baby pictures. I feel lucky when I get someone to take one of us.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chalk Drawings II

Coral enjoys drawing with Chalk. Our educational activity is alphabet letters (as seen behind her), but right now she is pretty into drawing Suns.

I'm pretty sure this is a sun, and the little thing is a Turtle Sun

Here we have baby Chloe on left. She is wearing a pink dress. The little thing on her legs is her diaper. And look at all of her hair!! She is holding hands with Coral (on right). Coral is also in a pink dress, but I guess it extends a little further up her face.

Watch video below to learn more about this drawing.

Barbies are going swimming

Coral is quite good at doing costume changes with her barbie. She is exhibiting her skill in these photos. Her 4 yr old friend also requested Coral change her barbie's clothes as well. The barbies were going to go swimming. Also, yesterday I went to Big Lots and purchased a 10ft sprinkler/slip and slide for $8.00. We will have more pictures of that later. Now I just need an air compressor.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

What about Chloe?

You've seen a lot of Coral, but what about Chloe? Well, she's almost five months and thinks the world is too exciting to sit and eat. She's always excited to look at everything, and here's some stuff that she does. These are all Chloe at 4 months old

Coral took this photo of Chloe and I

They were watching Grey's Anatomy (or...Doctor Show according to Coral)

Chloe (4m) and Easton (3m)

Bath Time

Tummy time

Her first day on her jumper, she loves it. So does Coral

I am so amazed by every little thing this baby does. She is like an angel sent from above. She is so happy, sweet, and nice to be around. We really enjoy watching her develop, as well as the interaction she gets from Coral.

Puddles and Mermaids

Let me share a bit of our day. One of Coral's favorite things to do is puddle jumping. She has never done this activity with other friends, only with me. Coral and Arilya (this name I can never spell.. it's uh-ry-la) went two houses down to jump. Coral's rainboots were a hot item... since Aryila did not have any. We were later joined by Addison and her brother (also, baby brother who is Chloe's age).

They are... what else... Mermaids (above picture)

After this lovely outside splash, the girls took a bath together. It consisted of bubbles, alphabet letters, and of course... Mermaids.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Neighborhood Children are great

You can hear these girls laughing from ten houses down. Coral is really enjoying getting together with the other girls in the neighborhood. Their big outdoor activites are sprinker (seen here), play house, and sandbox. Coral is the youngest of these four (by about a year), but certainly can keep up.

Here we have Madison, Coral, Ella, and Ariyla. The two on either side of Coral are cousins.

Chalk Drawings I

Computer crashed, so I have not been able to post. Here are some photos I wanted to share (over a week ago).

This is a picture of "Sluggy, Sun and Daddy". The Slug is the round shape you see, then the Sun has it's rays attached to the Slug. The colored object is Daddy... can't you see his pointy hair on the side!

Can you guess what this is?
It's Nemo! The color on his head is his stripes. The little things on the sides are his flippers. Of course!