Friday, August 21, 2009

Coral's Photo Shoot Request

Here's one for the memory books. Today, Coral asked me very polietly, "can I sit in the breastfeeding spot?" I said, "Okay." Then she asked me, "Can I take my shirt off to feed my baby?" And I said, "Okay". So she began breastfeeding her little doll (who is named Baby Star), and then she stopped. She asked me, "Can you take a picture of me".

So here is her picture.

By the way, that baby was veeeery hungry.

Coral also asked me if she could feed Chloe from a bottle, also requested a photo.
Coral told Chloe... "Get your little thumb thumb out of your mouth. Now open your mouth Chlo Chlo."

Chloe has been performing magic tricks at night. She has been rolling her self over, and I still have yet to see it. I'll look at her from our video baby monitor... she does nothing. I'll stare for five minutes straight, nothing. I'll look away for a few seconds, look back.. BAM. She's flipped.

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  1. It is so sweet to see Coral mimic your parenting. :)