Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let the stories begin!!

With family from all over the place, I figured this would be great place to show pictures and stories. At this moment in time, Coral is 2 (birthday October 17), and Chloe is 4 months (birthday April 10). At this VERY moment in time, Coral and Chloe are taking naps (at the same time!!!!), my greatest accomplishment as a new parent!

Yesterday the girls and I were at the Dollar Tree... everything's just a dollar! While we were trying to find another set of fairy wings, Coral came across a puzzle. Now, Coral has been going to the YMCA child care every weekday morning while I exercise, and recently she has been playing with puzzles. So I thought I'd give it a try... it's just $1.00. All they had were puzzles over 50 pieces, but she picked out a Princess one. By the end of this puzzle, she started realizing that you can turn pieces to fit... and then we were done. I would like to continue with puzzles. I can see she is really thinking.

Chloe recently rolled over. We didn't see it... but we heard her crying hard in her crib. She rolled from her sleeping position, to a very confusing one... and could not go back to sleep. Too bad we missed her roll!

Look at those nice floors Bryan laid down! Good job Bryan.

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  1. Yay! You started a blog... I know August is a busy month for you too, so good job!