Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whitney has family!

Did you know Coral and Chloe have cousins? My brother Collin has two children, Jasmine and Alicia. Their mother is Nikki, and they have moved down to Florida. Jasmine is 4 years old, Alicia is around 18m.

Our family gathering included myself, Bryan, Coral, Chloe, Collin, Nikki, Jasmine, Alicia, David (father), Cornelia and Peter (kids Great Grandparents). This a first of manies. First time the cousins have met each other. First time my grandparents have visited our family in Florida, first time we have met Alicia, first time we've had visitors here, and first time we were able to use the biiiiig table (finally JR!)

And we partied till all hours of the night..... 8:30.... and it was good. Thank you everyone who came

I would argue the best part about everything, was that we made the meal for $30.00. Including appitizer, meat, vegetables, bread and desert! And left overs (which I am eating right now). Thank you Sam's Club (but no thank you for that trampoline I just purchased, and it did not have the bouncy trampoline mat.).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Do you remember us??

Yes, we are here. DiNunzio family is back again. After a few months ::cough cough, six months::, the blog will start back up. I say that with great hope... but in reality, I'll try the best I can.

We have been in Lake Mary Florida, a nice change from Lakeland. The Publix has foods bars, the Goodwill is actually cheap, and there are no trailer parks! And we are less than three miles from the high way, and half a mile from a major toll road.
Coral and Chloe like the new area. They have a great babysitter who not only takes care of them, put DOES stuff with them. They go to parks, mom's groups, and even the zoo. The girls just love her (and her five children!), and we are lucky to have found her

As you can see, Chloe stands. She has four teeth, similar to a bunny rabbit, and eats EVEYTHING in sight. Coral still loves to play with her, and has named her "Messy Bear". Chloe just learned how to clap her hands, play peekaboo with a blanket, and imitate whistling.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This post is still under construction.

Chloe is trying new foods

Very slowly, Chloe will be introduced to new foods. Her first food was a very mashed up bananna. She was not too thrilled. Her second food was soupy mashed avecado. This was more to her liking. But her third food has been her favorite.... it is our homemade soup. You can see my lunch, on the right, and Chloe's on the left. Chloe was able to taste corn, carrots, basil, garlic, lentils, green onions, chicken stock, and BBQ sauce. (Yes, BBQ sauce is the secret ingredients to our soups). This pureed combination was delightful for her, and she actually ate the entire bowl.

Here's her bananna attempt

And, of course, we need mommy/baby pictures. I feel lucky when I get someone to take one of us.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chalk Drawings II

Coral enjoys drawing with Chalk. Our educational activity is alphabet letters (as seen behind her), but right now she is pretty into drawing Suns.

I'm pretty sure this is a sun, and the little thing is a Turtle Sun

Here we have baby Chloe on left. She is wearing a pink dress. The little thing on her legs is her diaper. And look at all of her hair!! She is holding hands with Coral (on right). Coral is also in a pink dress, but I guess it extends a little further up her face.

Watch video below to learn more about this drawing.

Barbies are going swimming

Coral is quite good at doing costume changes with her barbie. She is exhibiting her skill in these photos. Her 4 yr old friend also requested Coral change her barbie's clothes as well. The barbies were going to go swimming. Also, yesterday I went to Big Lots and purchased a 10ft sprinkler/slip and slide for $8.00. We will have more pictures of that later. Now I just need an air compressor.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009