Friday, September 4, 2009

What about Chloe?

You've seen a lot of Coral, but what about Chloe? Well, she's almost five months and thinks the world is too exciting to sit and eat. She's always excited to look at everything, and here's some stuff that she does. These are all Chloe at 4 months old

Coral took this photo of Chloe and I

They were watching Grey's Anatomy (or...Doctor Show according to Coral)

Chloe (4m) and Easton (3m)

Bath Time

Tummy time

Her first day on her jumper, she loves it. So does Coral

I am so amazed by every little thing this baby does. She is like an angel sent from above. She is so happy, sweet, and nice to be around. We really enjoy watching her develop, as well as the interaction she gets from Coral.

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