Friday, September 4, 2009

Puddles and Mermaids

Let me share a bit of our day. One of Coral's favorite things to do is puddle jumping. She has never done this activity with other friends, only with me. Coral and Arilya (this name I can never spell.. it's uh-ry-la) went two houses down to jump. Coral's rainboots were a hot item... since Aryila did not have any. We were later joined by Addison and her brother (also, baby brother who is Chloe's age).

They are... what else... Mermaids (above picture)

After this lovely outside splash, the girls took a bath together. It consisted of bubbles, alphabet letters, and of course... Mermaids.

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  1. this reminds me of walking home with my best friend Christine Meissner. She live three block closer to school than me. And when it rained we would splash in the gutters the whole way home. Of course that doubled our time home, and we would not always make it to the bathroom when this occured. So since we were already wet, we always thought our mothers would not notice. I am not sure if they did or not, since neither actually was there to meet us when we got home. We were one of the first latch key kids I guess.
    Anyway, they ook like they are having fun.
    Mom (grandma)