Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chloe is trying new foods

Very slowly, Chloe will be introduced to new foods. Her first food was a very mashed up bananna. She was not too thrilled. Her second food was soupy mashed avecado. This was more to her liking. But her third food has been her favorite.... it is our homemade soup. You can see my lunch, on the right, and Chloe's on the left. Chloe was able to taste corn, carrots, basil, garlic, lentils, green onions, chicken stock, and BBQ sauce. (Yes, BBQ sauce is the secret ingredients to our soups). This pureed combination was delightful for her, and she actually ate the entire bowl.

Here's her bananna attempt

And, of course, we need mommy/baby pictures. I feel lucky when I get someone to take one of us.

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