Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whitney has family!

Did you know Coral and Chloe have cousins? My brother Collin has two children, Jasmine and Alicia. Their mother is Nikki, and they have moved down to Florida. Jasmine is 4 years old, Alicia is around 18m.

Our family gathering included myself, Bryan, Coral, Chloe, Collin, Nikki, Jasmine, Alicia, David (father), Cornelia and Peter (kids Great Grandparents). This a first of manies. First time the cousins have met each other. First time my grandparents have visited our family in Florida, first time we have met Alicia, first time we've had visitors here, and first time we were able to use the biiiiig table (finally JR!)

And we partied till all hours of the night..... 8:30.... and it was good. Thank you everyone who came

I would argue the best part about everything, was that we made the meal for $30.00. Including appitizer, meat, vegetables, bread and desert! And left overs (which I am eating right now). Thank you Sam's Club (but no thank you for that trampoline I just purchased, and it did not have the bouncy trampoline mat.).

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  1. Hi Whitney,

    I have tried to call you twice, are you all around?